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One brand, one passion: Love for measurement technology. The aspiration to describe our complex world in precise, unchallengeable facts and data. When great minds come together, great things happen. The GHM GROUP is now Senseca.

Measuring what Matters

As a manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment, we provide customised processes and solutions for specific applications. Our solutions include, but are not limited to, level, flow, pressure, temperature, conductivity, light, wind, humidity and meteorological measurement. Our specialised equipment provides complete, reliable and accurate measurements for any application. With our in-depth knowledge and years of experience, we are committed to providing the highest quality products and services tailored to our customer's specific needs.

Oil Flow

Safety-relevant monitoring oil flow in traction transformers


Analytical measurement technology for process control


Gas heating adjustment and maintenance

Solar Irradiance

Testing productive efficiency of photovoltaic plants

Made in Germany and Italy

The ever faster innovation cycles pose a challenge for our customers in terms of development and production times. However, our specialists have the experience to react quickly and flexibly to new customer requirements and ensure efficient implementation and production.

This is why we manufacture our devices with great care in our state-of-the-art factories in Italy and Germany.

By meeting the strictest industry and environmental standards, we guarantee outstanding performance and durability.

Enabling Partners and Customers

As a strongly partnership-oriented company, we accompany the path of our partners and customers by supporting them in solving their problems. We see ourselves as enablers and as a dynamic and reliable platform by orienting ourselves in the long term as a specialist in specific application areas where quality, precision and accuracy of measurement results are important.

Measuring Environmental and Ambient Factors

Environmental and ambient factors not only affects efficiency and productivity, but also quality, safety and sustainability. In commercial applications our devices provide accurate results of environmental and ambient variables to ensure the longevity and sustainable operation of machinery and equipment, while environmental technology focuses on measuring factors such as e.g. noise, vibration, radiation, meteorology, EMC, occupational stress factors and safety, building biology, microclimate, and weather.

Senseca by numbers

60 years experience
300 dedicated employees
4 international production locations

We want you

No matter if you are a career starter or already experienced, or if you are looking for an internship, an apprenticeship, an entry-level position or a career step up into your promising future - what matters is that we are passionate about our common cause. Explore our open positions in the following areas of expertise. 


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