Reliability at Work

Portable Effectiveness

Our business unit "Portable" provides the perfect solutions for measuring environmental and ambient parameters. By using these instruments you can maximise efficiency, ensure sustainable processes and guarantee a safe production, living, working and outdoor environment. With reliable, fast and accurate measurements, you can be sure you have the data you need to make the right decisions.

The new era - PRO-Line & XPT-Line

Specialist by Expertise

For over 40 years, our expertise has resulted in a comprehensive range of portable instruments. The Senseca brand is renowned for its accuracy, superior day-to-day field usability and high quality sensors and probes. With our wide range of products, you can be confident that you'll get the accuracy and reliability you need for any application.


Senseca instruments have proven to be extremely reliable even in the harshest conditions. Known for their low power consumption, they deliver consistent, accurate measurements every time. Senseca's high end portable instruments are aimed at the specialist community and are synonymous with the highest quality sensors and precision instruments, perfect for monitoring environmental and ambient conditions.

Measures & Applications


Measurement of core temperatures (with insertion probe), flow temperature, industrial and commercial climate, climatology, and agricultural (hay bale), environmental, pharmaceuticals industry, Laboratories, Energy Management, indoor monitoring, food processing.

Gas Analysis

Air Hygiene, greenhouse air quality and indoor air monitoring (COVID-19), dive gas, food processing, adjusting and testing of medical equipment.


HVAC, food processing, monitoring of vacuum, hydraulic/pneumatic machinery tests, meteorological pressure

Water Analysis

Aquaculture, hydroponics, water treatment, boiler feedwater, heating systems, laboratory applications, cooling circuits, process water, reverse osmosis, agriculture, food production, fresh and seawater aquaristics, and plant breeding

Sound and Vibration

Environmental noise level, noise monitoring, capture and analysis of sound events, building acoustics, work safety, Industrial noise & vibration, monitoring of inner-city areas

Calibration & Certification

Both in-house calibration centers in Regenstauf and Padova offer calibration certificates according to ISO 17025.

To ensure the highest standards in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, our laboratories are regularly audited by either the DAkkS (the national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany) or the ACCREDIA (the single national accreditation body designated by the Italian government). By doing so, we are able to provide calibration certificates in accordance with these proven standards.

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