Pay due attention to quality. Calibrate measuring instruments for precision.

In our state-of-the-art accredited calibration laboratories, we check the accuracy of temperature, relative humidity, dew point, pressure, air velocity, sound pressure and for a wide range of measured variables in the UV/visible/IR range and calibrate the devices accurately for you. In addition, we offer a repair service and support you with your applications in the field.

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The GHM GROUP Academy

In professional training seminars, your employees will learn everything they need to know about measuring, controlling and regulating from our experts.

Accredited laboratories

An assessment by an officially accredited laboratory provides you not only with accurate measurement results, but also with proof of the correctness and quality of your measurements.

Premises - accurate and reproducible

The quality of the accurate recording of measured values is essential in industrial processes and commercial applications. Sensor technology and the measurements taken with it play a key role in supporting and verifying sustainability.

Accredited laboratories


In our temperature laboratory, calibration is performed by means of comparing the customer's instrument with our working samples by immersing the probes in a reference media specific to each temperature range.
Our baths and ovens cover a temperature range from -196 °C to 1064 °C.

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In our pressure laboratory, calibration is performed by comparing the customer’s instrument with our reference standards. Our measuring range extends from -1 bar to 1000 bar, thus covering the calibration needs of a large variety of applications.

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Our laboratory equipment includes a state-of-the-art double monochromator. This enables us to perform calibrations for classical quantities such as illuminance (luxmeter), luminance (luminance meter) and irradiance in different spectral ranges (UVA, UVB and UVC radiometer).

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Our instrumentation, which includes Thunder Scientific and Weiss Technik humidity generators, MBW mirror hygrometers and temperature samples, allows us to perform measurements of relative humidity, dew point and air temperature.

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Air speed

The Air Speed laboratory is equipped with two wind tunnels that allow the calibration of the most common anemometers such as: hot wire anemometer, Pitot or Darcy tubes, wind vane, ultrasonic anemometer, cup anemometer.

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Acoustic and sound

The electroacoustics laboratory is accredited for the calibration of sound level meters, integrating sound level meters, single-frequency acoustic calibrators, multi-frequency acoustic calibrators, pistonphones, third-octave band filters, octave band filters, and LS (laboratory standard) and WS (working standard) microphones.

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