Safety-TL4896 reacts before hazards arise

On the technically safe side with the Safety-TL4896

As a safety temperature limiter and safety temperature monitor, the Safety-TL4896 meets the requirements of EN 14597, EN 61508 and SIL2 . It allows direct mounting into the control panel or the control cabinet door. The configuration of the Safety-TL4896 (STB) is done directly via the front display keys. An additional software is not necessary. With the integrated analog output for the temperature signal, there is no need for an additional measuring chain for the signal to the PLC or SCADA world. The pre-alarm warns of critical situations at an early stage and therefore avoids unnecessary downtimes.

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Two in one

The Safety-TL4896 combines an indicator and control unit in one, thus eliminating the need for additional devices such as reset buttons or digital indicators in the control panel.

Programmable pre-alarm

Unnecessary downtimes can be avoided by the programmable pre-alarm, even before the threshold value is reached.

Easy configuration

Programming is done via the unit keypad at the front display. No PC or any additional software is required.

Best of

The safety temperature limiter Safety-TL4896 monitors the thermal conditions in industrial and thermal process plants. It fulfills all requirements for the redundant electrical design for safe shutdown in all plants around process heat according to EN 746.

The temperature limiter Safety-TL4896 in action

Safety is not only a technical requirement in many plants, it is also mandated. For example, in boiler applications for hot water generation, temperatures must be monitored in addition to the limit pressure and the water supply. Finally, DIN EN12828 makes it mandatory that the energy supply is interrupted immediately as soon as even one of the limit values is exceeded - regardless of whether the system is oil-, gas- or electricity-powered.

Economic efficiency is a matter of technology

Compact technology

As a compact front panel device measuring 48 × 96 mm, the Safety-TL4896 fits perfectly into the design of modern small systems.

Flexibility by sensor options

The Safety-TL4896 can be connected to a double thermocouple or a Pt100 temperature sensor available from our portfolio.

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