IIoT solution with multichannel sensor controller

Digital communication - from fieldbus up to PLC level

The MULTICON is a multi-channel controller that integrates up to 6 sensors into a system or plant. The MULTICON offers automatic detection and Ethernet connectivity via the PROFINET protocol. This ensures the digital transmission of process, diagnostic and identification data to the control and automation system in an integrated IIoT solution for service and QM management.

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Versatile PROFINET connectivity

With MULTICON, process, diagnostic and identification data from up to 6 digital sensors can be transmitted via PROFINET.

IIoT Integration

The MULTICON enables simple and efficient integration of analysis sensors with centralised operation, configuration and calibration of the sensor technology.

Modular and compact design

The MULTICON can be used as a field or control panel device and is the only device in this size with PROFINET.

Application areas for MULTICON with PHIX and CONDIX

In fresh water monitoring and water treatment systems, such as reverse osmosis and ion exchange systems, ultrapure water and pharmaceutical applications, sea/black water treatment on ships and leachate landfills, electronic devices and digital interfaces enable continuous monitoring of conductivity, temperature and pH or RedOx values. This ensures precise recording of the current water status and enables proactive maintenance measures to be carried out in good time in order to reliably check system efficiency.

Our product highlights

Multichannel sensor-controller MULTICON
  • Convenient commissioning, configuration (of both the MULTICON and the connected sensors) can be carried out via the configuration software and USB-C connection
  • Centralised operation, service and calibration of the sensors via user-friendly TFT display with intuitive menu navigation
  • Low installation effort thanks to standardised wiring of analysis sensors 
  • Simple integration and uncomplicated sensor replacement thanks to automatic initialisation and recognition of up to 6 sensors
  • Compact and modular design of the I/O and power supply modules
Digital transmitter PHIX

PHIX is a digital transmitter that is mounted on pH or redox electrodes and converts a high-impedance, analogue signal into a digital, interference-free value. The connection is done independently of the manufacturer, with standard VarioPin or coaxial connectors. PHIX offers a guided 1- or 2-point calibration with storage of the last 5 calibration results.

Digital conductivity converter CONDIX

The CONDIX conductivity transmitter is directly and digitally integrated into the fieldbus level via the universal Modbus interface. In this way, all levels up to the higher-level system can be integrated with a single bus cable, significantly reducing the installation effort.

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