Digital Conductivity-Converter CONDIX

CONDIX cost-effective in installation, maintenance and operation.

The CONDIX conductivity transmitter is digitally integrated at fieldbus level through the universal Modbus interface. Thus, all layers can be integrated with a single bus cable up to the higher-level systems reducing the installation efforts significantly. Standard fittings or pipe threads are used to install the unit. The Modbus interface allows convenient configuration and calibration of the transmitter. Since the scaling and parameterization are already stored in the CONDIX unit, no further adaptation effort is required in the higher-level systems.

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All-in-one solution, robust technology in compact design

The transmitter is integrated in the sensor and has a direct connection to the PLC.

Easy to set up, maintain and operate.

The transmitter can be conveniently configured and calibrated using the universal industry-standard Modbus interfaces.

Predictive maintenance for less downtime

In addition to the process variables (conductivity), the digital interface, which connects directly to a master, additionally provides information about the status of the sensor.

Digital Conductivity-Converter CONDIX

CONDIX measures the conductivity of liquids. Evaluation of the measurement result takes place directly at PLC level or in a SCADA system via the digital Modbus RTU interface. Thus, the use of further measuring transducers with a display is no longer necessary.

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Applications include the monitoring of water treatment, reverse osmosis and ion exchange plants as well as sea and black water treatment on ships, in leachate landfills, gas waters and many other areas.

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Versatility as a measuring principle

Easy to set up & configure

The installation is carried out using standard fittings. Parameterization is performed using a PC tool prior to field installation at one's workplace. In addition, the universal industry standard Modbus interface allows convenient configuration and calibration of the transmitter.

Conductivity measurement principle

To measure conductivity, an AC voltage is applied to two electrodes, and the measured current is a gauge for the specific conductivity. With a 4-pole sensor, the voltage drop occurring in the medium is also evaluated.

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