IQ Inside at SENSOR + TEST 2023 – Smart solutions for industry sensors and electronics.

Once SENSOR + TEST opens its doors in Nuremberg from 9 to 11 May, the GHM GROUP will be exhibiting under the motto “IQ Inside”. At booth 1-229, the focus is on intelligent sensor technology for flow, level, temperature, pressure, and conductivity. One product highlight is the new OMNIPLUS devices, which are equipped with freely parameterizable transmitter electronics, high functional diversity, and the digital interface IO-Link.

Smart sensors for Industry 4.0

Industrial processes are becoming increasingly digital, networked, and complex. In order to ensure high efficiency, product quality and safety – in addition to precise measurement and control – sensors are needed that are intelligently connected and able to communicate with higher-level systems.

The product highlights exhibited at SENSOR +TEST under the motto “IQ Inside” demonstrate this, for example, with intelligent electronics and a digital IO-Link interface. As one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality industrial sensors and industrial electronics, the GHM GROUP is addressing the requirements of increasing digitalisation and Industry 4.0.

OMNIPLUS: Intelligent “multi-talents” take the spotlight

A special trade show highlight is the new OMNIPLUS devices, which can be configured in a variety of ways thanks to their new transmitter electronics. Whether current value, total volume or various operating states, the user has quick and easy access to all relevant information and configuration options via the rotatable multifunctional ring – without the aid of a manual or PC. In combination with the high-resolution illuminated graphic display, the user benefits from increased operating comfort even under difficult conditions. Added to this is the robustness of the mechanical design, which ensures a high level of operational reliability.

With its different measuring principles, the OMNIPLUS model series offers perfect solutions for flow measurement and the monitoring of water, cooling lubricants and other viscous media – and all with maximum convenience thanks to the safe and simple configuration and easily identifiable process values. A common characteristic is the digital interface (IO-Link), which makes the OMNIPLUS devices a future-fit investment.

CONDIX and LINEAR LCD-S are additional product highlights

Naturally, visitors to the booth can also look forward to other smart sensors and industrial electronics. For example, the digital conductivity converter, CONDIX, used for determining the conductivity of liquids. The measured ohmic resistance provides information about the ion concentration in the electrolyte. The integrated converter subsequently transforms the signal into a digital process value, which eliminates the need for further scaling in the higher-level system.

Or the LINEAR LCD-S level sensor/transmitter made entirely of stainless steel, in which the operating principle of the continuous float detector is based on the step-by-step disconnection of a chain of resistors and reed contacts. In this case, the measurement result is displayed with a resolution of 5, 10 or 20 mm on the four-digit local display.

Individual solutions for numerous industries

All products of the “Industry” business unit of the GHM GROUP presented at SENSOR + TEST are utilised worldwide under the brands HONSBERG, Val.Co and Martens and can be found in a wide variety of industrial applications: both in chemical and pharmaceutical production, but also for monitoring hydraulic test benches or ship hydraulics, flow measurement, and power plants and traction transformers.

With more than 40 years of experience, the GHM GROUP develops and manufactures special devices for a wide range of measuring applications. Our own engineers are able to support customers in their efforts to find the best solution and, if necessary, adapt the products to meet their individual requirements. In addition to strict customer orientation, quality is paramount – and our own production is subject to strict standards and norms.

Innovative manufacturer of high-quality industrial sensors

The GHM GROUP is the top address for high-quality industrial sensors and industrial electronics. With a customised product range, the Industry business unit offers innovative concepts for intelligent solutions. At the production sites in Germany and Italy, market-driven, high-quality products for a wide range of industries and solutions are developed and manufactured, utilising many years of expertise.

Visitors to SENSOR + TEST can look forward to the demonstration of numerous products. In addition, they will have the opportunity to talk to the GHM GROUP experts about the innovative, intelligent solutions and the latest industry trends.